Words from an Appliance Repair Handyman from Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario

In Kitchener-Waterloo Ontario, an appliance repair company is blessed to have a special handyman fixing appliances. I met him and his words were magical. He had never visited the Pacific Ocean or been to Hawaii before but now he has and he has some words about his experience here. I thought these words were so magical that they needed to be shared here on our blog.

These are the most inspiring words I’ve ever heard someone say about the Pacific Ocean. Before I share the words with you and what they mean to me, let’s talk more about the the kind of life that our handyman lived with home appliance repair Kitchener Waterloo experience. For him, working in Ontario has been an adventure of service for his local community. He said life went by so fast because he worked full time all his life, being a handyman for anyone in the area whose home appliance broke down and needs repair service. Before he specialized in fixing appliances, he was a general handyman that fixed all kinds of domestic household objects.

When he came to the Pacific Ocean for the first time, he wondered what he had been doing his whole life. Why hadn’t he traveled here before? What else was he missing out on? What are the joys of the Pacific Ocean? These were the questions he asked me as we walked together along a beach in Hawaii, staring off into the vast ocean of the Pacific.

And now we come to the words he said, words I’ll never forget:

“Oh, beautiful universe. Oh, beautiful Earth. By the vastness of your beauty you hide so much from my eyes. How could I possibly visit every beauty you have created in the world when there’s so much to discover, so much to behold? Only now for the first time in my life after doing nothing but repairing appliances in Kitchener Waterloo Ontario I see the Pacific Ocean. I see her in all her glory, and it’s more than any picture of it could show.

A picture doesn’t have the sound of seagulls. A picture doesn’t have the feeling of sand against your toes. Being here by the Pacific Ocean in person is like walking on a different planet for me. I never realized how important it is for me to travel until now. Having never explored the Earth, I’m already an old man. An old handyman who has repaired thousands of appliances. Now, I must repair myself and visit every beach that this magical ocean has to show me. I should’ve come here sooner. My life is changed forever.”

I hope these words were as inspiring for you as they were for me. To me they mean that our goal here at the Foundation is very important. It’s my hope that more people around the world can experience the beauty of the Pacific Ocean for themselves. Whether they’re appliance repair handymen from Kitchener or bus drivers from India, everybody should experience this. It also means that I should go travel and visit places around the world that I’ve never been before. Who knows? My life might just change forever, too.

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