The Joys of Fishing on the Pacific

fishing on the pacific ocean

Fishing anywhere in the world can be fun, but not everyone does it for pleasure. People do it for work, especially in Hawaii. But here are some things you might not know about the joys of fishing in the Pacific Ocean.

5 things that are awesome about fishing on the Pacific.

  1. Unlike river fishing, you get to experience the vast beauty of the Pacific Ocean when either fishing on its beaches or being out in a boat.
  2. Unlike fishing in a lake where you can see the edges of the opposite shoreline in the distance, fishing on the Pacific might require looking at map to know where the next shoreline is. But that’s like fishing in any ocean. The only difference is that the Pacific has a unique biosystem and different plantation than other oceans, which personally for me makes it the best option.
  3. If your tongue has a certain liking for specific fish, the Pacific offers some fish you can’t catch anywhere else in the world.
  4. A staff member here at the Pasifika Foundation relayed an amazing story about how her father refused to go fishing if it wasn’t in the Pacific Ocean because he was so in love with the waters here and had a deep connection. I’m sure every ocean has fishermen like this to call their own though.
  5. It’s not just the fish that make the Pacific amazing for fishing. It’s the sounds. We have amazing birds here, wonderful Hawaiian music, and best of all the calming waves of the ocean. Just check out this soundtrack on YouTube below and listen while you imagine yourself fishing. Isn’t it nice?

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