Motivate Yourself: A Metaphorical Message

Does the ocean have everything it needs to motivate itself? Is the ocean motivated to keep itself clean? Is the ocean motivated to grow across new lands, or reveal hidden lands un-walked for millions of years? If you took everything out of the ocean, what would it do? If there was no wind to move it, would it still make waves? Would it sit placid like a calm lake? If it had no fish, the ocean would be dull. Just like you, the ocean needs something to make it push and pull.

What do you have inside of you to motivate your will? The ocean has fish, but do you have dreams? The ocean has whales, but do you have goals? An unmotivated person is an empty, still ocean. External forces aren’t enough to make you get up everyday. You still need your own decision to do it.

So motivate yourself.

Look deep inside the ocean of your soul, and pick something out. Go fishing in the ocean that is you. You may not catch something the first time, but if you keep trying you’ll learn the deep depths of all that is inside of you. No one else can motivate you. They can only point to those things deep inside of you. What are those things? They aren’t fish. They aren’t whales. They’re thoughts, ideas, opinions and thousands of millions of unique things that are special.

Find them. Pull them out. Treat them well.

And they will motivate you.

Farewell. If you still need more help getting motivated, get in touch. We’ll be happy to chat.

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