Love thy Ocean

I have lots of respect for the Church and religion in general. If it were up to me though, the first law would be “Love thy Ocean”. Just like how we love our neighbors and parents, we must love our oceans. It’s more than just a matter of ethics. It’s for our species’ survival. To take care of our oceans means to take care of everything else on the planet. In one way or another, everything goes back to the ocean.

Our genetics, our food, our environment, it all goes back to the ocean. Therefore, to love thy ocean is the most important rule. That’s why our foundation is so settled on preserving the Pacific Ocean from our hub in Hawaii. But what does love they ocean entail?

To love they ocean means not to pollute it, not to over-fish and to take care of the wildlife in it. When we pollute our oceans, we are hating it. When we clean garbage from it, we’re loving it.

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