Love thy Ocean

I have lots of respect for the Church and religion in general. If it were up to me though, the first law would be “Love thy Ocean”. Just like how we love our neighbors and parents, we must love our oceans. It’s more than just a matter of ethics. It’s for our species’ survival. To … Continue reading "Love thy Ocean"

Have a Good Day

In case no one has said it to you yet, we just want to say “have a good day” and keep having good days! Good night! We love you! Not everyone gets to hear things like this everyday and we appreciate it when people tell them to us so now we’re saying it to you, … Continue reading "Have a Good Day"

Welcome to Pacifika!

Here on the Pacific Ocean we love to blog about everything from the types of careers people can enjoy to the lifestyles toursits might encounter. But there’s only one way to learn for yourself if you don’t feel like reading our blog. And that is to come visit Hawaii! Here you will get the best … Continue reading "Welcome to Pacifika!"