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Pasifika Foundation Hawaii: Home


Our Ocean of Islands

Pasifika is the ocean continent that stretches from the Arctic to the Antarctic, and from Asia to the Americas, a biosphere encompassing one-third of the earth’s surface, and reaching from its volcanic roots to the hem of the heavens. Pasifika is home to the richest diversity of air, land and sea life this planet shelters. Among its 30,000 islands live its human stewards in a spectrum of cultures within one great civilization of ancient seafaring peoples who continue to attend to this garden along ocean pathways laid down by the stars.

The issues that currently challenge the stewardship of Pasifika’s peoples—from Hawai’i to Aotearoa, and Rapa Nui to Papua—are as complex and diverse as Pasifika itself. Many of the “solutions” being offered for our ocean continent, however, are not ours, but are being derived, imported and imposed from distant, and differently oriented, continents.

Pasifika Foundation’s vision is born of a faith in the rich, diverse, exploratory and adaptable cultural wisdom of Pasifika, and it is guided by the voice and vision and mana of this place and its peoples. From among these we believe can be found the solutions that will guide us into a strong, vibrant and sustainable future. Pasifika Foundation has been established to help enable and manifest that goal.