The Joys of Fishing on the Pacific

Fishing anywhere in the world can be fun, but not everyone does it for pleasure. People do it for work, especially in Hawaii. But here are some things you might not know about the joys of fishing in the Pacific Ocean.

5 things that are awesome about fishing on the Pacific.

  1. Unlike river fishing, you get to experience the vast beauty of the Pacific Ocean when either fishing on its beaches or being out in a boat.
  2. Unlike fishing in a lake where you can see the edges of the opposite shoreline in the distance, fishing on the Pacific might require looking at map to know where the next shoreline is. But that’s like fishing in any ocean. The only difference is that the Pacific has a unique biosystem and different plantation than other oceans, which personally for me makes it the best option.
  3. If your tongue has a certain liking for specific fish, the Pacific offers some fish you can’t catch anywhere else in the world.
  4. A staff member here at the Pasifika Foundation relayed an amazing story about how her father refused to go fishing if it wasn’t in the Pacific Ocean because he was so in love with the waters here and had a deep connection. I’m sure every ocean has fishermen like this to call their own though.
  5. It’s not just the fish that make the Pacific amazing for fishing. It’s the sounds. We have amazing birds here, wonderful Hawaiian music, and best of all the calming waves of the ocean. Just check out this soundtrack on YouTube below and listen while you imagine yourself fishing. Isn’t it nice?

Life in West Kelowna BC as a Landscaper

For people around the world who want to know more about life on the Pacific, here’s a good post for you. Have you thought about moving to British Columbia to become a landscaper? Here’s where you’ll find the do’s and the don’ts, the why’s and the why not’s, as I take you on a journey through my experience working for a Kelowna landscaping company as a young woman.

When I was 18 I lived on the East Coast of Canada, but I moved to West Kelowna BC with my dad the month after high school graduation. It was a sad time for me because I left all my friends behind. But things quickly turned around for the better when I started dating a handsome landscaper. While I was looking for work, he thought, “Why not hire you, my darling?” And I jumped with delight at the idea because I thought my friends back home would think I’m so cool once they found out I go a manly job.

This where the first don’t came into play, because as a girly girl I expected to become tougher in the first few days but that wasn’t the case. If you’re physically weak like me, landscaping might be taxing, but if you love the beautiful views of British Columbia then it still might be worth it. The why is because of just that, working in West Kelowna is amazing because of all the pretty sights to behold. And after a good day of work cutting grass and trimming hedges the sights are even more splendid.

For those of you who like quick answers, I’ll throw all the why’s and why not’s at you before I talk more about my own experience.

The Why’s and Why Not’s of Moving to West Kelowna, British Columbia to Pursue a Career in Landscaping Services

  1. Why: Landscaping anywhere in British Columbia is beautiful, at least most of the time. That’s because British Columbia is butted against the wonderful Pacific Ocean.
  2. Why Not: Finding a job as a landscaper in beautiful areas may be harder than in other parts of Canada.
  3. Why: The people in West Kelowna are very nice.
  4. Why Not: It takes several years to become experienced enough to get paid more than the average laborer.
  5. Why: The weather in British Columbia is some of the tamest in the world, with pleasant summers and winters that aren’t too cold, extending the seasons when landscaping is possible.
  6. Why Not: If you don’t have your own vehicle, getting around might be difficult because being a landscaper means you have to work at different sites everyday.

More About My Own Experience

To tell the truth, my job didn’t last as long as I would’ve liked. Like I mentioned above, I’m a girly girl and despite how fun at times it was to be working for a landscaping West Kelowna company, the job was very hard on me. I got bruised a lot and every shift saw me in desperate need of a shower because of all the hard work. I went through shoes faster than in any other time in my life, even rock climbing! There were many don’ts that I had to learn the hard way, like always wearing gloves so you don’t get blisters and remembering to bring lots of water on hot days. If I remember right, I think my job lasted 8 months, which is impressive looking back.

So if you’re thinking of moving to British Columbia to become a landscaper, my one piece of advice is that you do some reading first (like you are now) to see if it’s right for you. Also, you should be tough, able to work long hours in the sun without many breaks. Every Kelowna landscaping company is different, but the one I worked for didn’t allow that many breaks. There are factors that could have made my own experience much better, but most of them were my own fault. The main reason I quit is because I also broke up with my boyfriend who worked there.

Your experience may be a lot or a little different than mine, and there’s only one way to find out. If this is something you’re certain about, then I wish you all the luck in the world!

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